HTM Fire Engineering & Fire Protection Services

provide high quality and high performance Fire Detection solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications

Our Fire Detection systems provide the earliest possible warning of a developing emergency situation, which in turn, can facilitate safe and swift evacuation of people from your premises.

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HTM Fire Engineering & Fire Protection Services

offer a comprehensive range of fire fighting products to suit every need.

We are well equipped with energetic, dynamic professional Fire officers, who have a wide range of experience in local authority fire brigades, and have spent a considerable period of time providing practical solutions to industry and commerce.

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HTM Fire Engineering & Fire Protection Services,

our team of experienced personnel evaluate

fire safety problems, identify risks and formulate proposals designed to offset, remove and reduce risk to an acceptable level. These processes are intended to save lives and minimize damage.

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We serve to save

Fire Fighting Equipment

We supply first-class fire fighting equipment throughout Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa for many markets.

Fire Pumps & Controllers

Our products have been certified to the highest international standards and will provide optimal protection.

Fire Trucks & Vehicles

Our fire fighting trucks and vehicles are suitable for battling fires in airports, residential and commercial buildings and more.

Fire Fighting Training

We provide a fire safety course to suit everyone from firefighter training, fire awareness training to fire evacuation training.

A determination to fill the need for risk management and disaster mitigation strategies that extend beyond fire fighting to include everything from security threats to environmental hazards.


We supply an excellent range of safety and rescue products for firefighters and emergency response units.

Our fire prevention products will enable your emergency teams to combat dangerous situations in a safe manner.


HTM Fire Service installs and services fire protection and life safety system upgrades, expansions and new

construction projects in a range of facilities. Contact us and we will tailor fire protection products and services to meet your needs.